Product Care Instructions

Toilet is a daily applicance at home which people use everyday.And it could easily trap bateria which would cause different diseas.
It is said that the pressure of the siphonic flushing could push the micro germs and baterias could be pushed to 6 meters height in the air when we flush the toilet with the seat cover open,and the bateria would be flowing in the air for hours then they would rest on the walls in the bathrooms. And our teethbrushes,towels are also in our bathrooms where our toilets are also in it,thus, these daily products could easily get the baterias from our toilets. So we strongly advise we should close the seat cover when we flush the toilet.
1、Your toilet seat could have a lot of baterias
The toilet seat should be cleaned often. According the research, there are different baterias on the toilet seats, especially the bacillus. And there are 3000 baterias reach to the toilet seat when we flush the toilet, and they could survive 17 days. And many people would use cushion on their toilets, those cushions actaully trap much more baterias which cause different disease. So we strongly advise that toilets should be cleaned often.
2、The toilet bowl should be cleaned immediately after use
The toilet bowl would trap the discharges everyday,sometime some discharges could attach on the wall of the bowl even after flush. So it is neccessary to clean the bowl with a toilet brush n case the dirt trap into the wall after some time. And it would be much better if we could use toilet cleaner.
3、It is not neccessary to put a basket aside the toilet
In most of the bathrooms, we could see a basket by the side of the toilet, actually these would make a perfect space for the bateria to grow and survive.And where to put the used tissue? We suggest that we could throw into a bin with a cover,but we need to clean the bin everyday or even after we throw used tissue.
4、The brush should be kept clean and dry
The baterias could grow in the toilet brush when it is wet, and the brush should be clean often and ventilated so that it would prevent the bateria trap or grow in the brush.
Bathroom Furniture Care
1、Keep the product away direct from strong sunshine in case the painting would get oxydized. Keep the product away from the high-temp and dry place in case the board would crack or get defoamed.
2、 Humidity would make the board inflated, the temperature of the bathroom shall be kept at mild. We suggest we should protect the furniture with a plastic cushion from the floor when the humid weather comes. And the cabinet shall keep a distance at 0.51cm from the wall.
3、We could use cotton stick to clean or dust the gaps or the holes on the furniture . The wooden furniture shall be clean and dust often in case the insects would grow on the cabinets.
4、4.The Drawers shall be pulled and pushed with care, please check the mechanism parts occasionally, and please change the broken accessories when you find any accessories are broken.
5、For the painting surface cabinet, please dust the surface with a dry cotton rag, and occasionally clean it with wet cotton rag , and wipe it with a dry rag, or we could polish it with “pledge” house cleaner. Please clean the dirt with warm tea water insdead of strong wiping.
Faucet,Mixer and Hardware Care
1、Clean the faucets with water and wipe the product with a dry cotton rag, please dont clean the faucet with any house cleaner with acid agent or strong house cleaner which would cause corrosion.
2、Please use mild house cleaner to clean the surface at least once a week as the house cleaner , shampoo and liquid detergent stay on the surface for long time use, we would advise clean it with pledge.
3、Please use the mild house cleaner to clean the dirt on the surface, and please wipe it with soft cotton.